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MYR 71
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  • Sign on for a day of kicks and thrills at Malaysia’s all-inclusive theme park, LEGOLAND®.
  • 70 rides, slides, shows, and attractions make sure you’re entertained around the clock.
  • Mix and match between the three zones of LEGOLAND®, allowing you to curate your own trip from scratch.
  • The Theme Park offers you access to adrenaline-pumped rides like Legoland Express, Technic Twister, Duplo Express, and more.
  • Splash around at the Water Park and enjoy the LEGO wave pool, the Build-A-Raft lazy river, and the Joker Soaker among others.
  • Get up close and personal with the remarkable marine life of Malaysia with the aid of displays, stories, and encounters at SEA LIFE.
  • Choose from a 1-day and 2-day pass, granting you access to various zones of the park.
  • Click here to view LEGOLAND® Malaysia’s map.

This ticket has the following options that you can choose from:

  • Promo: LEGOLAND® Malaysia Theme Park 1-Day Pass
  • Promo: LEGOLAND® Malaysia Theme Park + SEA LIFE 1-Day Pass
  • Promo: LEGOLAND® Malaysia Theme Park + SEA LIFE + LEGOLAND® Water Park 1-Day Pass
  • LEGOLAND® Water Park 1-Day Pass
  • SEA LIFE 1-Day Pass
  • Infants aged 2 and under can enter LEGOLAND® Malaysia and SEA LIFE Malaysia for free.
  • LEGOLAND® Water Park tickets for children two years of age and under can only be purchased on arrival, not online. Proof of age is required before entry.
  • These tickets can't be cancelled or rescheduled.

The Complete Themepark | Legoland Malaysia

Start your incredible Legoland exploration through eight themed sections with over 40 shows, activities, and attractions! Immerse yourself in the watery frolic at the Legoland Waterpark on 20 different slides, rides, and water activities. It's time for Build-a-Raft, DUPLO Splash Safari, LEGO Wave Pool, among many other attractions. So let's plan a trip to Legoland Malaysia.

Legoland Malaysia Reopens Post COVID-19

Legoland Malaysia reopened on October 14, 2021. The Legoland Theme Park, Hotel, Water Park, and SEA LIFE Malaysia have all reopened, allowing visitors to have the whole Legoland experience. The park is open on all days of the week with strict safety measures in place to protect you and your loved ones from the impending virus.

COVID-19 Safety Measures at Legoland Malaysia

  • Hygiene Stations:
    Visitors can use the various hand hygiene stations (hand sanitizer dispensers) located throughout the facility.
  • Enhanced Cleaning:
    As part of Enhanced Cleaning efforts, tables, chairs, and other high-touch areas get disinfected throughout the day. Ride restraints, doorknobs, and elevator buttons are all examples of grab and flush devices.
  • 'Grab & Go' options:
    Options for 'Grab & Go' are becoming more prevalent, with numerous new menu items available at various culinary establishments.
  • Queues:
    Queues are there to prevent guests from standing in groups. The staff will monitor the lineups to make sure that social distance is maintained.
  • Dining Areas:
    There are some new arrangements to ensure social distancing in the dining areas. It has a rearrangement of tables and chairs to provide a safe distance between seated parties. 
  • Reduced Capacity:
    The daily ticketed capacity of the attraction has been lowered after the pandemic to ensure a safe and incredible experience for the guests.
  • Parking:
    If you arrive by automobile, observe all parking instructions and keep a safe distance.
  • Body Temperature Screening:
    No one will be allowed into the attraction if they have a fever or are otherwise showing signs of illness.

Things to do at Legoland Malaysia

The Legoland Malaysia Resort combines a Legoland theme park, a water park hotel, and marine life all in one place. This place is excellent for a family vacation because it offers more than 70 interactive rides, slides, shows, and other activities.

Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Park

If you're looking for a fun-filled theme park that the entire family can enjoy, Legoland Park Malaysia is a must-see. The park is themed around the LEGO toy brand and contains over 40 attractions, which include rides, shows, and exhibits. Some of the attractions in the park include the Dragon Coaster, Merlin's Challenge, and the LEGO City Airport.


  • Planet Legoland
  • DUPLO Playtown
  • Lego Frontliners Mural Display
Legoland Malaysia

Legoland Waterpark

The Legoland Park Waterpark is a separate attraction located in the Legoland Park Malaysia theme park. The waterpark is made up of over 20 different attractions, which include several children's pools. The park is family-friendly and caters to people of all ages. Some of the attractions in the park include Joker Soaker, Lego Wave Pool, and the DUPLO Splash Safari.


  • Joker Soaker
  • Lego Wave Pool
  • DUPLO Splash Safari
Legoland Malaysia

Sea Life Aquarium

The Sea Life Aquarium in Legoland Malaysia is a must-see attraction because it is the largest aquarium in the Southeast Asia region. The aquarium is home to more than 5,000 marine creatures, which include sharks, rays, and seahorses. Some of the highlights of the aquarium include the walk-through tunnel and the interactive touch pools.


  • Rockpools
  • Malaysian Rainforest
  • Coral Reef

Dining at Legoland Malaysia

Wherever you like to eat in Legoland, you would be able to choose from a variety of mouth-watering, yummy, healthy, and delicious dishes. Anyone visiting Legoland may rest assured that they will find cuisine to their liking and preference.

Legoland Malaysia

King's Grill

Having fought off dragons in Lego Kingdoms, you'll need to refuel with a feast fit for royalty. No other restaurant can match King's Grill in quality and service. Grilled foods such as sausages, chicken, and ice cream are available, as well as hot waffles and sorbet. People-watching is made easy by the shaded patio seating.

Legoland Malaysia

Market Restaurant 

Choose from a massive variety of Western and Asian favorites, including delicious roast chicken, pizza, and spaghetti. The chefs take tremendous pride in their work and are eager to please guests of all tastes, including those with particular dietary requirements, with an array of mouthwatering dishes.

Legoland Malaysia

Underwater Dining

Immerse yourself in SEA LIFE's first-of-its-kind Underwater Dining Experience. Take in the sights and sounds of SEA LIFE Malaysia's flagship attractions, the Black Tip Reef and Zebra Sharks, while dining on a four-course meal. Starting at 6 PM, you can enjoy a four-course meal prepared with care and attention to detail.

Plan Your Visit to Legoland Malaysia

Getting There
Legoland Malaysia

Daily: 10 Am to 5 PM

Legoland Malaysia is active year-round with extended hours on weekends, public and school holidays. Routine maintenance may necessitate the closure of some rides.

Legoland Malaysia

Address : 7, Persiaran Medini Utara 3,  79100 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia.

By Car (Highly Recommended)

Get on Route 16 and continue for 2.8 km. Take the E3 to Lebuhraya Nusajaya/Route 52 in Gelang Patah. Exit from the E3 and continue on Route 52. This 32-km route should take you from the airport to Legoland Malaysia in under 40 minutes.

By Bus

Take the LM1 to the Gleanegeous Medini bus station. From there, Legoland Malaysia is just a few minutes away.

Legoland Malaysia
  • You'll observe the Guest Services (Legoland workers) in the beginning, and they are happy to help you with any issues you may have.
  • All ATMs are available at the front. 
  • Legoland Malaysia includes a first-aid facility staffed by licensed doctors and nurses. You'll find it in Lego City, next to Market Restaurant.
  • All the baby care facilities are available in the restrooms. There are also restrooms for disabled guests. 
  • You can use available rental strollers for an additional charge.
  • You can report for any lost items or submit any lost-found item at the Guest service desk.
Legoland Malaysia

Japanese garden

People can sit back and enjoy the dreamlike beauty of their surroundings in this Japanese garden near Legoland Malaysia.

Sembawang Hot Spring

In addition to the cascading pool combining foot baths, beautiful seating places, and of course a cafe and a floral walk, the Sembawang Hot Spring has become a fantastic spot to relax and recharge.

Qian Hu Fish Farm

The Qian Hu Fish Farm is one of Singapore's most well-known ornamental fish growing, exporting, importing, and distributing businesses.

Legoland Accomodation


  • Hako Hotel
  • Tune Hotel Danga Bay
  • D Elegance Hotel


  • JEN Johor Puteri Harbour by Shangri-La
  • Hotel Granada Johor Bahru

  • Shangri-La Singapore
  • Four Seasons Hotel Singapore
  • Goodwood Park Hotel

Visitor Tips

  • Visit during the weekdays to avoid crowds.
  • Make your reservations for your tickets early!
  • Recheck the weather forecast.
  • Get there as soon as possible.
  • Get a printed copy of the park's map.
  • Make sure to protect yourself from the weather.
  • Start with the outside attractions.
  • Take the kids to the playgrounds. They will enjoy themselves.
  • Please do not bring outside eatables into the park with you.
  • Pack your belongings in a water-resistant bag.

All Your Questions About Legoland Malaysia Answered

What can I see at Legoland Malaysia?

There are so many attractions in Legoland Malaysia. Starting with Brickville, Lego City, Lego Education, Lego Games, Miniland, Splash Safari, Lego Friends Musical Meet & Greet, Remote control baths, and much more.

Where can I buy Legoland Malaysia tickets?

You can buy Legoland Malaysia tickets from Headout.

What are the Covid safety measures at Legoland Malaysia?

Disposable gloves, face masks, eye protection, and hand sanitizer are all included in this kit for all the staff members. The employment of these types of equipment and apparel by the workers is both for their own safety and that of our visitors.

How long do I need at Legoland Malaysia?

You can plan a day or a two-day trip to complete all the attractions, rides, and activities in the park.

What can I wear at Legoland Malaysia?

You can buy suitable swimwear to dress at all the attractions in the waterpark. Outfits with exposing zippers, rivets, or buckles are strictly not allowed in the Legoland waterpark.

How do I get to Legoland Malaysia?

You can get to Legoland Malaysia by car or bus.

What are the opening hours of Legoland Malaysia?

The theme park is generally open from 10 AM to 5 PM. On Weekends, Legoland Malaysia will be up until 7 or 8 PM depending on the season.

Is Legoland Malaysia crowded?

Legoland Malaysia can get quite crowded during the afternoons and late evenings.

What are the eateries at Legoland Malaysia?

There are many exotic eateries at Legoland Malaysia. The Cafe, Burger Junction, King’s Grill, Market Restaurant, Snack Corner, Pizza Mania, and Brick Cafe are some of the best places to eat at the theme park.

What is the best place to buy Legoland Malaysia tickets?

The best place to buy Legoland Malaysia tickets is from Headout.

What are the different rides at Legoland Malaysia for kids?

Some of the fun rides for the kids are Splash & Swirl, Tidal Tube, Twin Chaser, and Wave Rider. For endless fun and joy, many other rides are also available at the park.

Are the rides at Legoland Malaysia safe?

All the rides are safe as the government added more safety measures in light of the current pandemic and guidelines at Legoland Malaysia. With a high level of precaution and safety, you are all good to go and have fun at the park.

What is a must-see attraction in Legoland Malaysia?

The park of Legoland Malaysia is a fun place for everyone and a must-see attraction for all the guests who visit there. The SEA Life Aquarium also comes highly recommended for its thrilling dive among sharks and breathtaking visuals of marine animals.

What is the best ride at Legoland Malaysia Waterpark?

The Wave Rider is a 240-foot-high water slide where you can take a personal ride. During your trip down the open-body water slide, you'll experience exhilarating twists and turns. Riders don't need to catch a tube to flow down the mountain.

What are the different aquariums at Legoland Malaysia Waterpark?

Legoland Malaysia Waterpark is the home of some amazing aquariums in the world such as Rockpools, Malaysian Rainforest, Coral Reef, Sunken Shipwreck, Shoaling Ring, Ocean Cave, Stingray Bay, Jellies, Amazing Creations, Ocean Tunnel, Seahorses.

What are the different themes in Legoland Malaysia park?

There are eight themed areas including The Beginning, Lego Technic, Lego City, Lego Kingdom, Mini-land, Imagination, Land of Adventure, and Lego Ninjago World. These themed areas are the most amusing part of the Legoland Malaysia park.

How much do Legoland Malaysia tickets cost?

Tickets to Legoland Malaysia cost MYR 71.

What are the different rides at Legoland Malaysia Waterpark?

Some fantastic rides at Legoland Malaysia Waterpark are Brick Blaster, Red Rush, Lego Slide Racers, Splash & Swirl, Twin Chaser, Tidal Tube, Wave Rider, and Splash Out.